How to create plugin in wordpress?

To create plugin in wordpress follow below steps

Create folder with your plugin name. Create php file with your plugin name. Now put blank index.php file for folder security.

Write down plugin name in your plugin file as below.
Plugin Name: Your plugin name
Description: Your demo plugin
Author: Shailesh
Check your admin side and see plugin is listed on plugin page.

You need to avtivate the plugin.


How can i replace (wordpress) in email header?

To remove wordpress from email Header add below filter.
add_filter(‘wp_filter_email’, custom_wp_filter_email’);
add_filter(‘wp_filter_email_from’, ‘custom_wp_filter_email_from’);

function custom_wp_filter_email() {
$email = get_option(‘admin_mail’);
if(!$email) {
$email =;
return $email;

function custom_wp_filter_email() {
$from = get_bloginfo);
if(!$from) {
$from = ‘Your name’;
return $from;